The ultimate in intimate self-care.

What is Intimate Care?

Intimate care is skincare specifically designed for vulvar skin, the delicate skin on the outside of the vagina. Vulvar skin has specific needs that change as we age, and Ina has solutions.

How is Ina different?

Every Ina product is thoughtfully formulated by a leading chemist and OB/GYN with plant-based ingredients — and without parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, talc, or PEGs. Read our full ingredient philosophy here.

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Founded by a renowned beauty chemist and leading OB/GYN.

"Ina is what happens when all the right ingredients come together. We're doctors, scientists and skincare experts creating products that make you feel good—inside and out."
- Susan Goldsberry & Dr. Beri Ridgeway

Our Story

I Can’t Get Enough

Ina products really are the “mother” of all! I have always cared for my skin so why wouldn’t I want to care for my intimate self?

— Kelly


I think I might be OBSESSED with this [Balancing Cleanser]. I feel great about using it as it really does seem to be perfect balance of being gentle yet effective for my intimate parts. Leaves me feeling fresh and clean. Love the way the actual product smells too!

— Andrea B.

Confidence in a Bottle

It has made such a difference in the feel of my skin.

— L.L.