Why Fragrance Stinks on Sensitive Skin

Fragrance Stinks on Sensitive Skin

Everyone loves a good smelling skin and body product, yet perfume and fragrance are known skin irritants, especially on sensitive skin.

Body products tend to be heavily fragranced and should never be used on sensitive vulvar skin. And because most fragrances are full of allergens and solvents, they can also disrupt the vulva's delicate pH balance, causing additional problems, inside and out.

You should never use cleansing or moisturizing products on the vulva that are not formulated specifically for sensitive, vulvar skin, meaning the formula needs to be ultra gentle, pH-appropriate and should not include fragrance or perfume that can contribute to unnecessary irritation.

KEY TAKEAWAY:  Even if a product smells good, it doesn't mean it is good for sensitive, intimate skin.

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