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At Ina, we love reading our customer’s reviews. It helps us learn what women are looking for. And if something needs correcting, we love learning that too.

 Here’s a few of our favorites 5-Star Reviews that gave us insight into what’s important to women with their vulva care with Ina’s 3 Daily Routine products:


 “I have always cared for my skin so why wouldn’t I want to care for my intimate self? Age-related hormonal changes, like being sweaty and less suppleness, make this care even more necessary.” — Kelly

 “I lead a very active lifestyle and pride myself in keeping my body clean. I have used many different products to clean my intimate areas but none can compare with this balancing cleanser.” — Angie P



  “I love love love this. I suffer from lichen sclerosis and my intimate area is so dry and rashy. As soon as I put this on, I felt instant relief and I have tried everything! It instantly moisturized my very dry area and helped with my every day discomfort.” — Evelyn K

 “I use this product several times daily for a refreshing and instant and invisible moisture surge.” — Heather N.

 “Only after using the product for just a few days, my skin felt SO nourished. My skin felt very smooth and hydrated--definitely saw a difference between before using Ina and after.” — Alina



“I never used an intimate oil before this and I think I'm hooked now. It smells so nice and leaves my intimate area feeling amazingly soft and smooth!” — Andrea B

 “This oil is my holy grail. Because I tend to go for clean products, it is especially hard to find intimate care that is clean. When I heard about Ina I had to try it immediately. The smoothness and silkiness that this oil is capable of providing is outstanding. I must also speak to the scent, it is subtle and fresh. And i must say THE PACKAGING is just to die for. 10/10 product. Would recommend to anyone.” — Annabelle

 “Honestly the trio I never knew I needed. The elixir, especially, kept my skin feeling soft and refreshed - I noticed instant results. I appreciate the lightweight formula and subtle fragrance. Now there's no going back!” — Melissa L

 “I am obsessed with this oil!! This is a product I never knew I needed but now can’t live without. I use it after I shave and it soothes, hydrates and reduces my razor burn. I also love that it is made with clean ingredients and no synthetic fragrances.” — Mia C.


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  • As a menopausal woman, I have tried numerous lotions/oils to calm my dry skin and kept switching as none really completely satisfied me. When I tried the Nourishing Oil I was in heaven!
    It went on my skin very lightly, it was quickly absorbed and was non greasy and non irritating. It does not have a heavy fragrance and soothes my skin all over. I have used it for several weeks now and am hooked!

    Neyda on

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