Let’s Talk About Bladder Leakage

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 AKA Urinary Incontinence

“In my practice (as an OB/GYN), I see a lot of patients with bladder leakage or urinary incontinence. It is extremely common. Most women have experienced some form of leakage at some point in their life. But those who have chronic issues and a lot of leakage can get really terrible skin irritations. And, you’re not going to believe what they often use … products that are designed for diaper rash!

There’s actually a much better answer … something we developed at Ina … our Barrier Balm. It’s designed to calm and protect the skin from that chronic moisture. Our elevated formula rubs nicely into skin. It feels great, and has no scent … no medicinal smell. And, it was designed specifically for women to block excess moisture and soothe irritation.”

— Beri Ridgeway, Ina Co-Founder & OB/GYN

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